Recyclable fuel tanks and lower CO2 emissions

Blow-molded based Plastic Fuel Systems technology offers the perfect balance between safety, weight and cost for automotive fuel tank applications. The replacement of 700 million steel tanks by plastic ones over the last 15 years has allowed to save an average of ~6 million tons of CO2/year over the period.

The need to further reduce the CO2 emissions from the transport sector has led to the development of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) with the requirement of keeping the fuel system under pressure during the drive in electrical mode, when fuel vapors cannot be directed to the combustion engine. 

Once more, Fuel Systems Research solved this new challenge. More importantly, the weight gap between steel and plastic tanks is further increased, therefore allowing Plastic Fuel Systems to contribute even more to the CO2 reduction.

Recyclability has also been extensively demonstrated and HDPE derived from End-of-Life tanks is mostly recycled today in second life applications.